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A d o l f a s   M e k a s



Adolfas' feature film, from 1965 never released, and now restored painstakingly over the past year by the Belgian Royal Archive, The Double Barreled Detective Story, will be premiered in all its black and white glory at 9pm, October 14, 2014, closing nite of the L’Age D’Or Exprmntl Film Festival at the Ledoux Theatre in Brussels.

It is all too poignantly appropriate, since Bunuel and Jacques Ledoux were friends of Adolfas. Adolfas and his angels will be there, and Tula, of course, will light the way. DBD, based on a short story by Adolfas’ favorite American author, Mark Twain is his salute to Twain and his decidedly 19th century humor, very different from HTH, but always a joyful cinematic experiment.

Sempre Avanti



"Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the argument that life is serious, though it is often hard and even terrible. Since everything ends badly for us, in the inescapable catastrophe of death, it seems obvious that the first rule of life is to have a good time, and that the second rule of life is to hurt as few people as possible in the course of doing so. There is no third rule.."
Brendan Gill




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